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mad max - splendid
Okay, I wrote this as a comment somewhere else but I think it was too long so I decided to just post it as an entry (SPOILERS WITHIN):

The night is darkest just before the dawn...Collapse )
mad max - splendid

The Avengers
was not everything I wanted it to be but it was so epic and awesome and FUCKING HILARIOUS that I can't complain.

Joss Whedon, I love you...Collapse )

mad max - splendid
I might as well just announce it for good: I've given up on this year's NaNoWriMo. Yeah, sadface :( But I just didn't have enough time and I started my novel the wrong way. My plot would've never resolved. I mean, it would have, but still, I started it all wrong. On the wrong premise. I'm actually starting the story anew but I'll take more time and choose quality over quantity. I have nothing to prove to myself, I already know that I could've finished in time because I did last year. But I realized that my goal can't be anymore to churn out as many novels as possible but to improve the material that I already have at hand. I'm going to pick up editing my NaNo novel from last year and I'm going to simultaneously write this new novel. Slowly. (Hopefully I'll last till the end :P)

I'm not even mad. There's just too much going on in my life right now. Maybe I'll write a Reportage about this NaNoWriMo for my journalism class so something will come out of it. (And I'm totally lacking a better topic that I can research and stuff.)

Was it all for naught? I say nay. I learned something about myself and about writing. And I learned something about the story I wanted to tell. I'm still going to tell it and I hope that this way I'll do more justice to the idea behind it.

And maybe now I can catch up on all those shows I've neglected the past few weeks.
11.10.11 - Day 9
mad max - splendid
Late. Again. I don't have much time right now and I'm feeling really grumpy today for no reason at all (oh yeah, I'm tired because the last two nights I had a hard time sleeping, wondering in my fucking sleep what the coffin of the pharao's was called and mixing up Areopag and Sarkophag and WTF IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN?!).

Anyway, as of yesterday evening, my word count stands at 13.735. I'm catching up~
11.08.11 - Day 8
mad max - splendid
Today was fail, writingwise. I even would've had time! I still have time! But... I feel like I need a breather. After the first three chapters I've finished the first part of the story so to speak and I need to think about how to continue and stuff and I don't just want to force it out. It's the perfect spot for a break. Considering that I've still been on point so far, I think I can take this day off. Hope I won't regret it later on. And yeah, I wrote like 25 words just so that I have a new word count lol

Word count: 11.814

Also, I just love singing. Today we said good bye to our choir director and a new one introduced himself and wow, I think we're going to be much more awesome singingwise but he's kinda uptight :D Still excited. I could watch one of the many episodes of all of my shows that I need to catch up on but I think I'm actually going to watch Stromberg. I think it's funny (even if it's not an original concept) :P
11.07.11 - Day 7
mad max - splendid
Right. Today I'm finished quite early. It's only 07:15 pm Ôo Whatever. I finished the first three chapters of my story and with that the first fifth of the overall novel. It's different that I anticipated so now I only have to figure out whether it's good different or bad different.

Word count: 11.789

OT: I watched the Downton Abbey finale and while it was good, it felt more like an episode leading up to a finale to me. The pacing of this series has been seriously off. I hope that they'll resolve some stuff in the Christmas special. Preferably the Matthew/Mary storyline. I mean, I was rooting for them like OMG but the constant keeping them apart is getting old to the point where I'm almost like "Okay Mary, just marry Richard and get it over with." [SPOILER WARNING] Lavinia was a darling, too, even if she was basic, but she didn't deserve to die like that. And while I was totally into Sybil/Branson in the first series, they were handed laughably bad in this one. Instead of showing how they fall in love/are in love, we just got a variation of the same damn dialogue scene in his garage in every episode (or what felt like it). On paper, that pairing's dynamite and I still like the characters individually but on screen together they were really a bit boring. Because of the writing. Yeah. But overall I liked the episode and I was really worried that Cora might die! Robert's a dick though. What a fucking hypocritical douchebag.
11.06.11 - Day 5 + 6
mad max - splendid
Okay. Obviously, this posting daily stuff isn't going as well as last year. But I caught up yesterday/today so I'm still on track. And I feel like the story might actually be getting somewhere now. I really don't know how it reads. Whether it's boring or suspenseful etc. I guess I'll see when I finished and give it to someone lol

Word count: ~ 9.900 (yeah, I'm going to write some more now but without an internet connection so I'm doing this now)

I went to a NaNo meeting in my city today that I kind of initiated and I took my roommate from the US with me, who's participating in the NaNo, too. Apart from us, there was only one girl but she was really nice and lovely and overall it was a very good experience. Maybe there'll be more people next Sunday. A journalist actually wanted to come because she wants to write about us but she wasn't there. Whatever. Maybe it's better that way. On an unrelated note, I'm not over my crush as I thought but as long as I can live with it, it's fine.

EDIT: Yeah, I'm totally getting behind on all of my shows but I watched Merlin today and I loved it! This series has been so great, I can't even begin to comprehend it. Basically everything that was wrong with the show is fixed now. I'M SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT :)
11.05.11 - Day 4
mad max - splendid
Whoops. Okay, so this NaNo isn't going as well as it should be. But I had an 11 hours day yesterday and when I came home in the evening, I was just too fucking tired to write this post, let anymore any more for the NaNo. So I only managed some 600 words again. And I have a course from 10-15h again today so I just hope to the heavens that when I come home, I still have enough juice left to write something -.-

Word count: 5.660

I'll leave the rest out of today yesterday.
11.03.11 - Day 3
mad max - splendid
So, today it went pretty well because I got the groove back and although the earlier parts of the novel are really horrible, I think that I might slowly get a grasp on it. Today I wrote my favourite dialogue scene so far. But there's something really strange up with my word count because individually I wrote 1.988 words today but when I put it with the rest, I suddenly had a larger sum that it should've been. Some hundred words went missing in between? Wut? Idek but I'll just take the overall word count I have right now because it's actually very favorable, meaning that I'm no longer behind :D However that worked out.

Word count: 5.009

Lesson of today's writing: Writing the first meeting and dialogue between a possible future romantic pairing is a lot of fun and it really makes the word count go up in no time. Especially when it happens unexpectedly and earlier than planned. Nevermind that my love story is a little gross but... no it actually isn't. It's going to be sweet. But with the twist at the end, in retrospective it might look twisted lol (That's what I love about my twist, tehe!)

Lesson of today: Uhm, idk. I'm tired and I really need to go to bed because tomorrow's a long day. I learned some pretty interesting stuff in my exercise about political prophecies in the Middle Ages. I think I can actually work that into my novel. People were crazy back in the day, I tell you. Weird stuff.
11.02.11 - Day 2
mad max - splendid
LMAO today was a disaster as far as writing goes. I only wrote 627 words. And I have to get up early tomorrow. I'll try to write some more now before going to bed but that was really absymal.

Word count: 2.613

OT: Instead of writing I watched 3 hours of TV lol The Sinking of the Laconia, a co-production of the BBC and ARD which airs today and tomorrow in Germany but I watched the BBC version on youtube that's apparently quite differently edited. Plus, it had all the German parts in German with subtitles! Awesome. No fake dubbing. It was good. I liked it. I've liked Ken Duken for some time. Could've been better but had it's fair share of good moments.
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